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  • Hey Rach!
    Love your website!!
    Next week it is my turn to cook a healthy and gluten free morning tea something for the ladies at work and wondering if you have any suggestions? Would love some ideas. Savoury or sweet.
    Thanks a million :)

    • Hey Nycolle!
      Thanks heaps! :)
      For morning tea have a look at my recipes:
      -banana bread(on the website), it’s gluten-free as you use buckwheat flour (which you can purchase at a health food store) instead of plain flour. This bread is really yummy!
      -finger sandwiches on GF bread ie. tomato&chive, cheese&chutney and cucumber&avocado
      -hummus(on the website) dip served celery, carrot and cucumber sticks and GF crackers
      -zucchini, spinach and feta slice(on the website), which you could make as crustless quiches, just bake them in muffin trays lined with baking paper.
      I could eat anything at morning tea ;) Hope this helps, let me know how you go :)


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