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Natural Yoghurt

Natural Yoghurt

It is so easy to make yoghurt and it tastes even better becuase you’ve made it!

I told my husband I was off to the shops to buy some yoghurt so I could make yoghurt, he looked and we weirdly but it’s the live cultures from the yoghurt which will help make your yoghurt and it has to be fresh!

FRESH FULL CREAM milk is best – I haven’t made it with skim so you could give it a try but I’m not too sure if it’ll work or not.

I did a batch with milk powder and one without. I preferred the batch WITH milk powder as it helped thicken the yoghurt. The other batch did thicken but the smoothness and consistency of the batch with milk powder was a lot nicer. You can buy organic milk powder online or check any health food shop.

I used two different methods but have found this to work for me every time.


1 litre organic full cream milk
1/2 cup organic natural yoghurt with live cultures (will say on the tub)
1/2 cup milk powder, optional

1. Pour the milk into a saucepan and pop over medium heat. Using a kitchen thermometer, bring the tempreture up to 80° then turn off and remove from the heat.

2. Allow to cool on it’s own down to 45 – 46°. This will take some time anywhere from 45 min – 1 hr so go off and get some things done! If you’ve forgotten about it and the temp has gone below 45 – just pop quickly back on the heat. A skin with form, you can remove it.

3. Once it was gotten to 45 – 46°, stir in milk powder and yoghurt and give it a good stir/whisk. Pour into a sterilized (just rinse with hot boiling water) 1 L jar with secure lid or into a thermo jug (I use this). If using the jar, it needs to keep warm for 8 hrs or ideally overnight so you could use a hot water bottle wrapped in a tea towel and pop another tea towel over the jar(important the temp doesn’t go above the 46°).

4. Next morning it will look lumpy, whisk the lumps out until you have a smooth consistency. Pop in the fridge for a couple of hours to go cold. Enjoy!

**Towards the end of your batch, reserve 1/2 cup for your next batch :)

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