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A new book and the most delicious lamb ribs.

‘A year of Practiculture’ by Rohan Anderson


The other week we attended the Melbourne book launch for Rohan AndersonA year of Practiculture‘. He’s known as Whole Larder Love – look him up! This is his second published book and his first was ‘Whole Larder Love‘ back in 2012.

I missed out on the first lot of tickets for this event and was absoluetly devestated. Over the next couple of days, I saw they were adding a few more tickets and I quickly (and calmly), got them. YES! I was SO excited! And of course, we were the first ones there.


‘a year of praticulture’

I’ve been following Rohan for over 3 years now. I stumbled across his first book when I was on my lunch break from work, browsing my favourite book store in Malvern.

Flicking through, I was intrigued. I admire his concept of grow, gather, hunt and cook. Mostly grown and hunted himself and if not, then sourced locally. He learnt everything from scratch and Rohan, he is a passionate motivated man.


A few years back, Rohan left the city life and moved out towards the Central Highlands of Victoria where he taught himself to grow food, hunt and forage safely for wild food and animals. His main focus was food. From being unhealthy and medicated for a number of medical issues – to nourishing himself with natures best medicine. Providing all that he can for his family and providing the BEST for them. He has a number of vegetable beds, hens, fruit trees and a hot house.



The night was catered by Pot and Pan. Some of you might remember Sam from Masterchef 2014. Sam and her wife, Celeste, created their business of catering and culinary tailoring back in 2012. The food was outstanding. The charcuterie table – simply stunning. Had no idea where to even begin.

Charcuterie Table by Pot and Pan




I’d gladly lock everyone out of the room, and just eat E.V.E.R.Y.T.H.I.N.G off that table. The quailty of the ingredients were out of this world. It really does make a HUGE difference of where the food comes from.

I remember when my husband and I were dating many moons ago. He kept telling me that a supermarket tomato and a homegrown tomato taste completely different.

Me, ‘I can’t taste the difference’.

Boy, was I  W R O N G.

I get surprised when I eat a tomato that tastes….like a tomato. It’s quite sad actually, food should taste like food. We shouldn’t be surprised when we come across something that should taste how it should.


The night was buzzing with loud chatter and drinks clincking. With a few familiar faces, Amy Crawford from The Holisitic Ingredients being one of them, I had to go and introduce myself and say hi. Along with Ross O’Meara from Gourmet Farmer, Emma Dean winner of Masterchef 2013 and Alice aka ‘Alice in Frames‘ from Masterchef 2012.


Pot and Pan served the most MEMORABLE slow cooked lamb ribs.


I wish I took a picture. When I saw a platter come out, I had to go over and get some, ‘no shame’, I’d kill for them, they were so delicious. I had to go and tell Sam and Celeste how good they were, which I’m sure they already know. But seriously, they melted in your mouth. Juicy, soft meat. Oh, I want some NOW.


While wines from Fowles Wine and beers from Goat Beer were popping open throughout the night, we were spoiled with more delicious food from Pot and Pan.

Kangaroo Sliders with Creamy Slaw

Jerusalem Artichoke Wedges with Garlicky Aioli

Chicken Bites with (i think) a Chipotle Aioli

There were a few other things going around that we didn’t get our hands on, but I am sure they were delicious.

Jerusalem Artichoke Wedges….drool. I want more.



praticulture – ‘a lifestyle choice of practical living’

I admire Rohan. It would take a lot of bloody hard work to pretty much provide everything you eat. I mean, it’s easier said than done and it would take a lot of self motivation.

They say ‘don’t judge a book by it’s cover’ but we all can’t help but have ‘first impressions’ looking at one. Rohans book is so cool. Retro. His book is based on living, growing, hunting and cooking through the seasons, but also talks about community, success and failures. Quite a few recipes I want to try – they all look so good!


Here’s a little sneak peak.












But that’s all I am showing you :) you’ll have to buy the book!

Until the next book launch – Happy Cooking!






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