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Wellness Seminar 2015

The word ‘Wellness’ is currently being thrown around a lot and I was curious to learn what it meant. These days, there are so many people more conscious of their body. Whether that be healthy eating, exercise or improving lifestyle. When I saw the ‘Wellness Seminar’ being advertised, I was intrigued. Not only was Lola Berry going to be there but I wanted a deeper understanding into what ‘wellness’ was all about.



 ‘a state in which one experiences complete balance of mind, body and soul’.
(pretty cool, hey!)

Held at Two Ton Max in North Melbourne, a stunning industrial warehouse,  it was the perfect environment for the day. Being surrounded by people who are on a journey to find themselves and wanting to improve their physical, mental, emotional and spiritual health.

The day was hosted by the amazing (and funny) Ed Phillips, we had delicious food & inspiring speakers. But most importantly, I have to congratulate Jo, who put on a fantastic day.

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 J O A N N A   F I N C H A M

You might recognise Jo from ‘The Farmer wants a Wife’ back in 2007. She won the heart of her, now husband, Rob and they have two gorgeous little girls.
Jo has a photography business ‘Joanna Fincham Photographer‘ and has accomplished many great things in her life thus far. One being a book she wrote called ‘Out of the Blue’ which is about her journey finding true love.
On the day, I was touched as Jo shared some of her personal experiences, with such raw honesty.
She is the most bubbly, kind, out-going and friendly woman you will ever meet. Honestly, she just radiates beauty and pure happiness – just amazing!



S T E P H A N I E   P R E M

 Australian professional snowboarder, founder of Premium Performance and owner of Studio PP.

I  L-O-V-E-Stephanie. Inspiring, amazing and absolutely gorgeous inside and out, I mean, I could listen to her speak and stare at her all day. And hilarious, might I add.
Stephanie talked about her career in snowboarding, her life-changing injury and her passion in Premium Performance.

Making it to the 2010 Winter Olympics in Vancouver, towards the end of her competing, she had a severe accident. Stephanie broke her back along with dislocating her hip, breaking five ribs, tearing her pelvis and a hamstring.

Being told that she might never be able to snowboard again she knew she had to do something.


In the following months of bed rest, numerous minor surgeries and extensive rehab, not to mention then being diagnosed with Coliac Disease after her accident, She set out to find her passion. Stephanie took control of health and now, 5 years on, is a fitness instructor who just last week, opened up a new studio – Studio PP in South Yarra.

Summing up Stephanie’s message to us on the day:
-Find your passion and do it well. Put 110% in, all that you can give and do it well.
-Take care of your body and it will take care of you.
-Finding balance with what suits you, with food and fitness.

Fuel the body with the good clean stuff!

Stephanie has a website and blog on health, food and fitness.  definitely check it out!

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L  O  L  A    B  E  R  R  Y

Australian T.V nutritionist, author, yoga teacher and hippie

This was the highlight of my day. I have been following Lola Berry for quite some time now and it was such a pleasure meeting her. Lola spoke on her career and passion, heartbreak, love of orcas and biophilia.
The start of Lola’s passion was that she had a crush on a guy and she wanted to look good in a bikini. So with losing weight, feeling good and looking amazing, she was fasinated by how food made you feel and of course, she got the guy ;)

Lola started working a number of jobs to save money, videoing short episodes on food and nutrition, studying and eventually landing a spot on a early morning tv show. Her career just went up from there, now well-known author and lover of nature, Lola has a number of books on health, food, nutrition and more.

‘B E    R E A L’

I loved Lola’s honesty. What you see is what you get – inspiring and real. As she says, she wanted to be the ‘Steve Irwin of fruit and vege’ and she certainly is. When she speaks, she’s motivating, you can hear the passion in her voice. Be real. Don’t be afraid of being who you are and doing what you love.


‘healing power of Mother Nature’

Lola is very passionate about biophilia. If you have purchased her book ‘The Happy Cookbook’, she has a section dedicated to biophilia. On the day Lola expressed the same passion and knowledge she shared in her book.

When your indoors for a long period, all you can think of is that you want some fresh air, to go outside and enjoy nature. When you think about it, it’s true. Us humans, thrive in nature. When we are in the bush or at the beach, we just feel better. When we are outdoors, it makes us feel good, our mood improves both physically and mentally.

Lola also spoke briefly about ‘earthing’ or ‘grounding’. Where you take your shoes of and stand in the dirt, ocean, grass, literally ‘grounding’ yourself in nature. Few weeks back I saw a young guy at Chadstone shopping centre ‘earthing’ in the middle of the shops. Shoes of and his feet in the dirt with the plants. Everyone was obviously staring wondering what he was doing but I knew – good on him!

F  L  O  W

‘is the mental state in which a person performing an activity is fully immersed in a feeling of energized focus, full involvement, and enjoyment in the process of the activity’

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K  A  T  E   T  O  H  O  L  K  A

Kate started her business over two years ago. Starting from scratch and learning everything she could to run her own business, she now is following her passion –  health and psychology. Simply- she helps and coaches women to turn their passion into a lifestyle. She puts to us 5 steps into the process of how our minds are very clever, when it comes down to our habits and making lifestyle decisions.

CUE    |    ROUTINE    |    REWARD

1. Changing Habits- a habit is something you do automatically, without thinking. For someone trying to break a habit ie. food, there’s a lot of conscious thinking that needs to be done. Making better choices consciously, meal prep, planning you weekly meals and lists. It can be hard but being organised helps.

2. Addressing Stress – stress plays a big part in all our lives, it is something we can’t seem to shake no matter how much we try. When stress kicks in, we go back to our old habits. Addictions, food, you name it. When we feel stress, we are seeking ‘that’ feeling that makes a feel good, that rewards us. And this follows onto step 3.

3. Changing Thought – Find something that gives you the same reward and result but a better choice. ie. for a afternoon pick-me-up, instead of chocolate have a nut mix or a almond chai – easier said than done ;)

4. Mindset – Focus on what you CAN have not what you CAN’T. Do not ban food, cause that only makes you want it more. If you say, ‘from Monday I will not eat pizza, burgers or fries’, all you can do is think about pizza, burgers and fries – true. Instead, Kate suggests to have it on a cheat day or look for a healthier alternative.

5. Your Passion – Do what you stand for. Do what you want and do it really well. Why do you want to change you habit? Keep your passion and focus in sight.

Check our Kate’s website Kate does private mentoring, personal coaching also for running a success business and she has a #1 seller on Amazon for her book ‘Healthy Habits’.

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F  O  O  D

Of course you’re all wondering what delicious goodies we had to eat that day. My Goodness Organics catered the day with gorgeous raw treats for morning and afternoon tea, drinks on arrival and a delicious salad for lunch.

11427239_10153393912113330_9199397319563660056_n       11108395_10153393911658330_8993886954053193339_n

image1       image2 (2)
– Sunflower Sesame Brittle
– Pomegranate Coconut Bombs
– Mint Cacao Bombs
– Raw Hemp Protein Bars
– Calendula Glow Bars
– Spice Nut Mix

1939493_10153393910228330_5827246529430294991_n    10488265_10153397238628330_5969077931127000352_n

Salad: Kale, quinoa, almonds, apple, pomegranate, currants, celery, lemon, garlic, apple cidar vinegar, tahini, herbs, spices, salt.

Oh and I can’t forget the goodie bag! :)




Overall, my sister and I had a fantastic day. We left feeling inspired by the gorgeous women who shared their passion and journey with us. Jo finished off the day with a meditation prayer, absolutely beautiful. If there is another Wellness Seminar I’ll definitely be going again! AMAZING day.

Love and Blessings,




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